New Jersey’s Heroin Crisis: Is Narcan Helping?

The following policy memorandum seeks to encourage local, state, and federal lawmakers in New Jersey to implement legislative changes to the current medical practice surrounding the prescription of opioid medications. The memorandum has been generated due to New Jersey’s increase in heroin overdose deaths despite the wide distribution and use of Narcan, the opioid overdose… Read More New Jersey’s Heroin Crisis: Is Narcan Helping?

Polarized Narratives Persist Re: Quit Crying, Get Over It, You Lost

One week following the election, we are learning more and more each and every day about what the next administration plans to do, and who will be involved. Additionally, we have more and more media, whether that be social media or news media and bloggers, all supporting or rejecting one thing or another, seemingly instantly.… Read More Polarized Narratives Persist Re: Quit Crying, Get Over It, You Lost

Foresight: A ‘Fairness Formula’ for Bankruptcy?

Governor Chris Christie continued his tour of the state in South Jersey, in order to campaign for his “Fairness Formula” which seeks to abolish the current system of educational funding, and instead provide just over $6,500 per student throughout the entire state. The Governor claims that this formula will allow the suburbs to greatly reduce… Read More Foresight: A ‘Fairness Formula’ for Bankruptcy?

Our Next Recession

Surely, I am not an economist. However, I do pay attention to news events, all while pairing them with millennial experiences. The media is beginning to notice similar economic trends that the nation experienced before the 2008 housing bubble burst, triggering the 2008 Recession. This time, it may come by way of irresponsible sub-prime car loans. John… Read More Our Next Recession